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This blog is dedicated to being your source of information on inner alchemy and how to connect with your infinite power

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Find out more about how to be grounded like the earth with spiritual alchemy. Knowing more about it can help you have the life that you want.

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Have questions about inner alchemy and spiritual growth? Earth is a solid foundation from which things can grow. It also provides nutrients. Allow me to encourage you to stay rooted in your spirituality and to feed your spirit with wisdom, knowledge, and truth.

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Find out more about me and the purpose of my blog. Be passionate in what you do and you will illuminate like fire. I am passionate about being a seeker.


Explore additional resources on my gallery and events page. Knowing spiritual alchemy can help you learn how to flow through life like water.


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Illuminous Numinous

Advantages of learning spiritual alchemy:

  • Spiritual alchemy can help you develop and grow your spiritual gifts.
  • Spiritual alchemy can help you strengthen your ability to manifest.
  • It can enhance your spiritual journey and your awakening process.
  • Aids in the process of rejuvenation and reactivating your DNA strands.
  • Can help you get in touch with your multidimensional self.
  • Helps you align with your higher self and to access advanced wisdom.
  • Allows you to cultivate inner peace to get through the day.
  • Raises your vibratory state so that you can align with 5D consciousness.
  • Connects you with your authentic, infinite self and your inner power.
  • Helps you radiate love and attract soul mates into your life.
  • Helps you connect with spirit guides and beings from higher realms.
  • Helps you balance your feminine and masculine energies and more!

Illuminous Numinous

What you will get from my blog:

  • Information about good reads on alchemy, spiritual development, and esoteric knowledge.-Wise lines from movies or TV shows that you can learn how to apply to your life.
  • Instructions about different ways to improve your life such as meditation techniques, exercises, and diets.
  • Information about other writers and speakers on these topics.
  • Links to websites teaching about health or promoting health related business.
  • Access to inspirational videos and a community of people on online social networks that I recommend. And more!

What is inner alchemy and how do
I apply it to my life?

Inner alchemy is the process of changing your thoughts and perceptions to a non-duality point of view. Everything isn’t just black or white. Just as there are many different colors and different shades of a color, there are many aspects of everything in the universe. Inner alchemy is also the process of raising your vibration to get one step closer to reach different stages of enlightenment. It also allows you to access higher dimensions of thought and being. Inner alchemy connects you with your infinite creator self and allows you to manifest your life purpose.

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