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I seek the truth about who I am and what I am meant to do in order to become the master of my own reality.

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Becoming a seeker makes the light turn on in the darkness. To become a seeker, you must be curious about the world and the universe that we live in. You must learn to question what happens in your reality and try to understand why it is happening. Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. Selfish people can make things that are harmful to us and our environment look good. Good people are made to look bad for someone’s personal gain. The way our society works was created in order to keep us locked into a time matrix so that we don’t have the time to know the truth and to reach our full potential as human beings. We are trapped into living and eating a certain way that prevents us from remembering that we are supernatural spiritual beings.

Sometimes the universe leads you to certain information in order to find the truth, but sometimes it is easy to miss out on the total message that it wants to convey to you.

Reading my blog will allow you to come across new information and connect it with things that you have already seen or heard to build connections that will help you grow. Sometimes I watch a movie and feel like the universe is sending me a message through an idea that was presented in the movie. People who only see movies as entertainment may totally miss out something epic. In my blogs, I will teach you how to look at everything you see and hear with a spiritual eye whether that will be from a movie, a TV-show, a book, song lyrics, or words of a wise friend. Learning how to be a seeker can contribute to an awakening.


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Being a seeker of lost information is like being
an explorer finding a lost temple.

Illuminous Numinous is a seeker of lost information. Every time I seek lost information it is like finding out lost parts of myself. The more pieces of the truth I piece together, the more I am able to illuminate my soul.
If you are a seeker or want to be, join the Illuminous Numinous community.

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